Electronic Equipment for Ships

Onboard electronic equipment is essential for navigation, safety, and enhanced comfort. The electronics suite includes components like batteries, GPS, audio systems, lighting equipment, and depth sounders. Many manufacturers, such as Garmin, Raymarine, and Simrad, offer high-quality equipment suitable for amateur and professional use.

Ship Batteries

Ships use two types of batteries: starter batteries for engine ignition and multi-cycle batteries servicing the entire electrical system. The latter can be fully discharged and recharged.

Navigation Systems

Popular electronic equipment manufacturers for ships include Simrad, Garmin, and Raymarine. Navigation systems comprise chart plotters with installed global depth maps and GPS positioning, and can connect to depth sounders, radar, VHS stations, audio systems, and the ship's electronic system control.

Audio Equipment for Ships

Audio equipment enhances onboard comfort and entertainment. Fusion, one of the most popular audio equipment manufacturers, offers a range of high-quality systems including speakers, amplifiers, and music players.

Lighting Equipment for Ships

Lighting is crucial for comfort and security. Navigation lights denote ship dimensions, movement direction, and distinguish port from starboard. The anchor light signals a stationary ship. External lighting emphasizes the ship's form and illuminates steps, while interior lighting creates ambiance. Underwater lights highlight the ship's silhouette.

Other Electronic Equipment for Ships

Victron manufactures inverters, fuses, and ship wiring systems. Ships are also equipped with electric bilge pumps, horns, air conditioners, ventilation systems, and more.

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